A Poetry Pandemical pt1

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It’s hard in different ways Getting through these days On a day that looks like it’s sweating off a cold The teacher at her makeshift desk feels old; The anxious learning-disabled young man Cries in a chair with his head … Continued

Yorkshire Bylines

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During the lockdown I began writing for Yorkshire Bylines, a Pro-EU independent newspaper. Strangely, it took off massively and reaches 100k views per day. Most of my stuff is about poetry and pies, though I’ve become a de facto Arts … Continued

Radio Free Kinsley

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During the first lockdown, my friend and collaborator, Pascha Taylor, began making videos. These then turned into Radio Free Kinsley, a lockdown sitcom that has been turned down by some very influential people at the BBC. It’s all available for … Continued

We’re back! And on BBC6 Music.

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After 10 months of somehow managing to get locked out of my own website, I’m back. Hyper excitement at Andrex Towers as a track recorded as Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams made it onto BBC6 Music. First, England’s … Continued

EMOM @ Jazz Live at the Crypt

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Days like this make it all worthwhile. From the moment, at 5.40am when I was clearing wind-blown bread crates from the road outside our house and I thought the clatter had made all the village burglar alarms go off, until … Continued

Love the Words #94

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It wasn’t meant to be the last one for a while, but that’s the way it turned out. Listen to Pascha, Peter and myself trudging round Seacroft where we discover that a lot of our heroes not only turned out … Continued

Drifting @ Chapelfm

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I’m not usually seen as an ambient artist, but, hey ho, let’s go ambient. I’m proud to have taken part in an event that featured so many left-field, original artists in an evening where nothing sounded like anything that came … Continued