A Poetry Pandemical pt1

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It’s hard in different ways
Getting through these days

On a day that looks like it’s sweating off a cold
The teacher at her makeshift desk feels old;
The anxious learning-disabled young man
Cries in a chair with his head in his hands;
The old soldier who managed to dodge Nazi bullets
Finds peace when forced to surrender to Covid.

And what if the storm becomes the norm?

And out of the overflow of the heart
The mouth speaks; Do we tear each other apart
Online or volunteer information and time?
The village facebook group shares information
About roads and vaccines until an altercation
Kicks off when some man-child starts taking the mick
And then the pile-on starts. The insults stick
like slush to your shoes; and out of the overflow
of the heart the mouth speaks. On it goes
while the anxious learning disabled young man
finds shelter in the pleasure of a cigar bought as a present
in guilty love by tobacco-hating parents.
Any port in this squall reads the message in the smoke.
Where we’re in the same storm but in different boats.

It’s hard for everyone in different ways
Finding a path through these days.

On a day when a hairdresser styles herself a martyr
On social media, misquoting Magna Carta.
The comments coalesce like the parted snow
Sulking in the gutter of bronze side-roads.
Everyone’s an expert in the wrong sort of numbers,
The arguments predictable as a Channel 5 drama.
The teacher learns she’s not been outside
For two days and suddenly dreams of pork pies.

It’s hard in different ways
Thinking through these days.

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