Chapelfm 5th Anniversary Celebration 9/9/19

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This was a strange one. The great and the good and the Brexit vegetables. I was honoured to be asked to present something from the Outside Broadcast radio show live, but context is everything: My wonderful actors, Peter Spafford and John Hepworth, faced with local councillors, school kids, a couple of vicars and ACE funding partners decided discretion was the better part of absurdism and, on the hoof, with no little skill, decided to downgrade the Brexit vegetables ardour to acceptable levels ie heavy petting but no orgasms. This made for an even more surreal viewing experience with the entire audience watching a spotlit red cabbage and a swede panting a lot at the mention of Liz Truss. Their discomfort was hilarious and, significantly, it was edited out of the video of the event, which appealed greatly to my self-styled edgy outsider persona no end. Thanks to all who made it happen.

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