EMOM @ Jazz Live at the Crypt

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Days like this make it all worthwhile. From the moment, at 5.40am when I was clearing wind-blown bread crates from the road outside our house and I thought the clatter had made all the village burglar alarms go off, until I slumped into bed in Brixton 22 hours later, it was one I won’t forget in a hurry.

A walk along the Regents Canal, leading to a fantastic walk through Regents Park, where I saw a massive storm gathering in the west, though not nearly so big as the one I glimpsed when I tried to buy hand gel in Camberwell Superdrug.

Having a packed church basement chant along with your words. Having a woman who was at Oxford with the PM tell you she felt it had finally lifted the malign spell which makes people use his forename. People buying me drinks all night.

The sketch above was done, as I performed, by the wonderful Hamley Jenkins. You can find details of Hamley and her work at www.paintingshadows.co.uk or www.instagram.com/hamleyjenkins

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