Northern Green Gathering

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Sometimes, performing can do wonderful things: Last Thursday I set off, with predictions of horrible weather, to an “off-grid” site that has composting toilets, (Please use sawdust), feeling very low because of some private stuff. I drove into the car-park, went round the tractor and JUST managed to get enough traction so I could park.

However, after a performance of Stupidity is not the problem that had the entire tent dancing (!) and such a positive, inquisitive reaction, I floated out of the car park, (which was just as well as no-one else seemed able to get out. The next day I parked a distance away and walked onto the site, which was the smart move, as no-one could get in or out. But you know what? These Green Gatherers are made of sterner stuff and a second performance went even better, with loads of interesting contributions in the post-piece debate. This is why I wrote it. This is why I write. Thanks to all at the Northern Green gathering for such a wonderful experience.

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