Speak Out Scunny, Indie venue, Scunthorpe.

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On my way to this, I was one of a couple of hundred people shouting abuse at Boris Johnson on his way into Carr Gate to use police cadets as background for his premature election launch. I’d got to the outskirts of Scunthorpe by the time that poor copper fainted with boredom, which shows how he drones on.

Anyway, I was so glad I made the effort, as Sarah Drury has created something wonderful. I can’t remember a night with such a variety of ages, people and styles, ably hosted by my Jim Higo. Indie Venue is a gem which tries to give youngsters in Scunny something positive. This noble aim took on new urgency after I had a walk round the town centre and then witnessed a scuffle outside the venue between some bored kids and a bloke in the pub opposite. The venue staff not only dealt with it skilfully, but their relationship with disaffected kids put many arts venues to shame. The large crowd in attendance wasn’t limited to performers (always a plus!), and there was a good mix of first-timers and more seasoned performers. Best of all,, everyone was received warmly. The only downside is that it falls on the same night as our Red Shed Readings or I’d go again. Well done Sarah, find her on facebook and get down to something wonderful.

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