Transforming with Poetry: Inkwell, Leeds

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I love this event.  To me, it’s the ideal spoken word evening.  It has links to various well-being initiatives.  The volunteers are friendly.  Tony Martin Woods makes sure that videos are made of all performers.  The atmosphere is supportive.  Most of all it is, (to further over-use an already over-used term, but there’s no other), inspirational.  Saturday, spurred on by something Tony said at the beginning, I put together a found poem of all the bits in the first half that struck home with me.  The result was this poem, which I’ll credit to the company:


A Cathedral of Starlings


Money moves fast,

this notepad is my witness.

It is too early

for the call to arms,

a cracked nipple

Auden saw in limestone.

My fantasies betray me,

not one syllable lost.

Glorified chaos,

no need for garden logic.

Remember, remember

the way you gravitate,

calm before a terminal,

where cracks appear.

The semantics of death,

walking round with my eyes closed.

In nakedness, the truth

of the moon attracts the light.

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