We’re back! And on BBC6 Music.

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After 10 months of somehow managing to get locked out of my own website, I’m back. Hyper excitement at Andrex Towers as a track recorded as Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams made it onto BBC6 Music. First, England’s Glory, which is based on the Ian Dury/Max Wall lost gem from 1976, made it onto Tom Robinson’s early morning mixtape and then, (I nearly choked on me prawn crackers!), featured it in his regular Saturday night show. “A celebration of all things English” he very kindly called it. Plus, the show started with Mavis Staples (gulp) then I followed a Bjork track. I’m getting a t-shirt that says “I’M ON AFTER BJORK!!”

Thanks to Tom Robinson and Fresh On The Net for giving me airplay. Also thanks to Felix Tigersonic at Bassment Space studio in South London who engineered the track and also gives really great advice.

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