The Northern Beat Poets Association

The Northern Beat Poets Association is a collaboration between Jimmy Andrex & Martin Christie.

They have been taking the NBPA Happening round the arts festivals of the North, culminating in the Greater Manchester Fringe and were recently nominated in the top 5 Spoken Word shows at the Greater Manchester Fringe.

The aim of the Northern Beat Poets Association is:

  1. To create stories and messages that have meaning and depth
  2. To promote liberalism, equality and humanitarian thinking through our approach
  3. To oppose elitism, cliques and snobbery of all forms, particularly in the poetry scene
  4. To mix poetry, spoken word and sung spoken word with electronic music*
  5. To defend the right to freedom of expression and originality
  6. To promote engagement in poetry, literature and music
  7. To push the boundaries of what is possible in our chosen art form
  8. To work outside of socio-cultural competition and compulsive fame seeking
  9. To actively disengage with British cynicism and negativity
  10. To have fun

NBPA Born in 2010 and discovered in 2015
* Subject to change

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.