I had a whale of a time performing for Leeds For Europe. Their conference featured some political big-hitters: Hillary Benn,

On my way to this, I was one of a couple of hundred people shouting abuse at Boris Johnson on

Sometimes, performing can do wonderful things: Last Thursday I set off, with predictions of horrible weather, to an “off-grid” site

This is the text of the piece I’m touring around at the moment. There’s a longer version, but this is

You can hear this wonderful musical which I wrote with Mark Taylor here. https://www.chapelfm.co.uk/?s=Jimmy+Andrex

14 months work climaxed in a performance of my piece based on Rutger Bregman’s Utopia for Realists. We got a

Not a gig or anything, but here’s a picture of me not having a clue what to do with a

A baking hot day in Nottinghamshire and a white hot bill of poets. We’re going to book nearly everyone on

I might rename this The Jimmy Andrex Coping Mechanism soon, but I’ll cope a lot better through having such wonderful

A really interesting night combining a choir made up of scruffy teacher types, Indian women in traditional dress plus a